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Here's an album. Do you like albums? We do. It's about 45 minutes long, and it's probably got something like 100 different instrument sounds on it. Every note on this album was played by either Aubrey Seaton or Harrison Foreman at Giant Hobo Head Studios.
You can download the whole thing for free if you want to, but you can also give us money if you love it.
If you download the full album, you get a PDF booklet with all the lyrics to all the songs and a bunch of pictures for your eyes.
Some drums (heard on tracks 5 and 10) were sampled using an iPhone and triggered with a keyboard, and we think the fact that we can do that is pretty cool.


released April 2, 2012

Harrison Foreman - Vocals, keyboards, wiener whistle
Aubrey Seaton - Vocals, keyboards, drums




Interrobang Lewisville, Texas

Interrobang is a comedic rock & roll duo based in north Texas. We make music in the hopes that people will laugh sometimes, flop their hair all over the place in a ridiculous manner other times, and enjoy themselves all times.

Interrobang consists of

Harrison Foreman - Vocals, keyboards, wiener whistle
Aubrey Seaton - Vocals, keyboards, drums
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Track Name: Opening Song
This is the beginning of the album
Track Name: Burn, Beanbag, Burn
Words fail. World's tail. Not wrong. Not long.

Room off in the back corner with beads the posters scare off any foreigner who sees
This room, a haven for the youth for speaking in tongues exceedingly is reeking of air freshener and black lungs

Room off in the back corner in ashes, the door is fit for Stodgy Mourner who bashes it
In the room The Grief vacated we see the painted tomb they have created, but nobody knows who they were
Track Name: I Wish I Were A Hobo
Oh I wish I were a hobo now.
With the muck and grime upon my brow.
With the great supply of booze, and the dirty smelly shoes, oh I wish I were a hobo now.

Oh I'd love to be out on the street.
Picking out of garbage cans to eat.
All my friends think I am funny when I wave a tin can for money so that I can buy a bit of meat.

"You're fired. You always show up to work with that stupid coat. And that beard, you never shave, you're disgusting! I can't have you showing up for customers like that! You are fired!!"

Oh I lost my job and then my home.
Now I see that I am free to roam.
I will dirty up my face and accept my brand new place, now that I look like a garden gnome.

"Welcome to the hobo community, son. You got any spare change? I'm savin' up to buy me a burger. I love burgers, but I never get to eat 'em."

I'm a hobo, I'm a hobo, I'm a hobo now.

"It's cold. Oh, no wonder, my coat's got another hole in it. Probably one of those rats. I thought I ate them all.
Oh, look at me, resorting to eating rats!
I just want to go home."

Oh I wish I weren't a hobo now.
I wish I could simply clean my brow.
There is not a drop of booze and a
lack of any shoes, oh I wish I weren't a hobo

Oh, it's been a year since I've seen a bed.
This is all going to my head.
I have gone a bit insane from the food I don't contain. Well at least I know that I'm not dead.
Track Name: The Quintessential Human Being
He could not dance, his legs were broken
He was not nice, or quite outspoken
He could turn lemons into gold
Because he was just ten years old

He was the best at making stars
'Cuz he went to the best of bars
But when he went into any town
He'd act as council for the crown

Monkeys dance, chicken's pants

He wasn't bad, he paid his taxes
He made the sun spin on its axis
He made a sandwich and then a rhyme
After he made his warp through time

(scat. yeah, man.)
His purple hair was very tasty
His skin was red, but very pasty
But when he cried most every day
The band would shout "what did we say?"
Track Name: Filler
This song is filler
Track Name: Who The Heck Are You? (Feat. Throaty McBluesthroat)
I'm going to sing a song for you now. Give me a minute, I forget what it's called.
Ah, screw it. Play the song!

Oh I woke up at noon,
I had some lunch.
I forget what I ate,
it must have packed a punch.

Heard a ring at the doorbell,
I opened the door.
Didn't know who this man was.
Might've seen him before.

Oh, I'm rackin' my brains,
Think I'm goin' insane.
He sure looks so familliar,
I just don't know his name.

I say
Who the heck're you?
(I'm your only son.)
Then it must be true,
Senility's not much fun.

He tells me he's come,
gonna take me to a home.
I forget the next lyric.
I'll just make something up.

Lovely weather we're havin',
Sure seems like a nice day.
I remember the next part,
I'll sing it now.

There was a funny smell,
I thought it was hell.
I got in my bed, and I rang the little bell.

Girl said

(Who the heck are you?)
I'm the crazy one.
(Then it must be true.)
Senility's not much fun.

Time had passed, lives had changed.
I see I've gone quite deranged.

I got hungry, so I had some soup.

It was really good soup. I wish I had some more. I'm gonna go take a nap now.
Track Name: Building A Giant Evil Laboratory
I eat bagels, you eat bagels? I eat bagels, you?
I eat bagels, you eat bagels, we eat bagels too.
Track Name: The Ballad of Johnny Pepperoni
Johnny was a young man with hair as green as grass
He lived with his dad who owned a pizza place and was such a pain in the rear
He wanted his son to follow him into the family scheme
But Johnny said no dad, I'd rather live my own dream
You see, Johnny wanted nothing more than to drum for a band
But his dad said "no, pies and music don't mix, now come here and lend me a hand."

Late one night at the pizza place, Johnny's father said "you're a waste of space"
So he threw Johnny out into the street without a single slice to eat
All he had were the clothes on his back, a dream for his life, and his drums in a sack
He needed a chance, a way to break free,
to fill his life with possibility

Down in the cavern club in the basement
The Band of Music needed a replacement
for their drummer, who had combusted
after his playing skills, they had rusted
Johnny tried just to approach them
This is what they said
No, you cannot join us in our band
You make pizza, and so we hate you
Yes, you can join us in our band
We need someone who drums like you do

This is our lead single, buy it from us please
This is a hit single, sold a million copies
We're going on tour, got lots of groupies

Johnny's father goes on TV and tells a story for the world to see, that Johnny used to be a pizza cook, and maybe he needs a second look
The musicians were shocked, the
pizza chefs were too
They hated poor Johnny now, through and through
They tossed tomatoes and drumsticks at his face, so Johnny quit the band in his disgrace

I'm living alone
Just with this gold record I own
Nobody'll have anything to do with me
It's not my fault, baby hear my plea
I just wanted to drum
Now I'm just a poor bum
I'm a good fella'
I've just fallen into the old mozzarella
My mama told me never to try
I never meant to make her cry
I just gotta get my fix
Of those tasty melty sticks
I've got some tunes in my head
The kind that fill me with dread
Solo career
Personal confession
These albums really stink
Oh I'm pourin' out my heart
But my songs won't chart
Oh, I give up

Olive came sneaking into Johnny's house
She found him giving golf tips to a long-dead old mouse
She threw out his cheese sticks and cleaned off his face
She knew she could free him from his disgrace
She brought him to her studio with an 8-track machine,
picked up her keytar and said "let's make this one mean"
Johnny was back now, and the album was grand
With olive on vocals and a whole new band
It hit the charts and shot to number one
Johnny's successes had sure been outdone

Johnny's father had become greedy from all the money he'd made from being on TV
He'd had enough of this music trend, so the music folk must meet their end
He gathered an army of his pizza fans to go up against those music bands
The pizza troops invaded musicville
The musicians and pizza folk prepared to kill

Johnny was crushed by this war he had caused
So he came front and center and demanded it be paused
He turned to the crowd and he sang with his band
About compassion and what love can withstand
The crowd sang along, they were taken with glee
They all shouted praise for good old Johnny

Johnny was crushed by this war he had caused
He turned to the crowd and demanded it be paused
But they wouldn't listen to his cries of peace
Only through bloodshed would this conflict cease
Johnny's father knew what he must do
He'd blame it on Johnny poor Olive too
He told all the people "we don't have to fight; just kill these hoodlums and call it a night

Go, Johnny, go