Game Poo

by Interrobang

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It's a Game Poo! What's a Game Poo you might ask? Well that's simple really. It's a-fghf;kls;hu3hawefjbn


Game Poo is a-aw04onbsg ds

Oh come on.


There, was that so hard? Gosh, sometimes the Universal Overlord's censorship committee doesn't like humorous rock albums with many stylistic variations.

Anyway listen to our album. We worked hard on it. It's pretty good.


released August 15, 2014

Harrison Foreman - vocals, occasional keyboards, writing of songs
Aubrey Seaton - vocals, many instruments (mostly played with keyboards), writing of songs, production

Featuring guests (in order of appearance): Brennan Moran, Nicole Ulakovic, Lynn Seaton, Zack Magnotti, Casey Eoff, and Jeannie Fee, some writing assistance from Istra Fuhrmann, and liner notes by Margaux Khosraviani.




Interrobang Lewisville, Texas

Interrobang is a comedic rock & roll duo based in north Texas. We make music in the hopes that people will laugh sometimes, flop their hair all over the place in a ridiculous manner other times, and enjoy themselves all times.

Interrobang consists of

Harrison Foreman - Vocals, keyboards, wiener whistle
Aubrey Seaton - Vocals, keyboards, drums
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Track Name: Bus Driver
He's tired of paper airplanes to his head
Sometimes he wishes those cherubs were dead
He'll never admit this but he's actually
A struggling guitarist who wishes that he was not a

Bus driver
In his corner spinning wheels
Never playing what he deals
He won't tell you how he feels about you
He knows he's stuck here for as long
As he sits and does no wrong
Knows no one will sing his song
What to do?
Bus driver

The dice on the dashboard hold small knives that he
Placed there for the future in '73
His plan is so tight he knows it can not fail
He's sure that the cops would not think to jail a poor old


He'll kill the kids with their damn noisy toys
He'll guide them to their fate
So when the folks come for their girls and boys
They'll realize too late
That they're gone

But he'd never do this as far as we know
his thoughts are just thoughts that he'll never show
It does seem suspicious, but we'll let it slide
'Cause he ain't malicious so let's go for a ride with this old

Track Name: In The Dungeon (Die)
Where am I?
In the place you'll say goodbye
Tell me why!
You're the one that made me cry
I won't be shy, I will DIE / Please don't be shy, you will die

I could sue
I know you and that's a lie
What did I do?
You set my whole world awry
I can't be shy; now I DIE / Come, don't be shy; now you DIE

Please explain!
Do you really not know why?
Don't restrain
In 5th grade you ate my pie
Now I know why I must DIE / Now you know why you must DIE

That was Tony
Don't you say that! Don't deny!
Looks just like me!
You've got pics of him and I
I guess I don't have to DIE / I guess you don't have to DIE

What'd I tell ya?
Now I see you're not the guy
Well I won't dwell ya
This is awkward. Um, goodbye
At least you know who should DIE / At least I know who should DIE
Track Name: No Bad Luck
I have lived a good life, got all that I wanted for free
I ain't had no bad luck, and that's what is botherin' me
I have never suffered, not once had a broken heart
If I ain't felt no real pain, how can I turn pain into art?

My girlfriend didn't cheat or use me
My parents didn't beat or abuse me
Nothing has made me unhappy
I wanna play music but I couldn't stand if it's sappy

I can't take this no more

If I ain't got problems how can I feel bad
I know there ain't nothin' that's makin' me sad
But maybe that's it and my problems are gone
I'll be sad about nothing and stay up 'til dawn

I'll exaggerate the bad times
(Man, this Father's Day was the worst Mother's Day ever)

I'll completely ignore the good times
(When life hands you lemonade, make lemons)

And my guitar solos will have real passion because I've got the blues

Now I've got all the problems that I could ever need
Track Name: Egyptian Way
Well I've gone right down to Egyptian Way
The map ain't right so I'm here to stay
I just wanna find some peace of mind
My package is somewhere sittin' away

Well the exit's here, so my phone tells me
I'm lookin' real hard but my eyes don't see
Well I can't have missed what don't exist so I guess I'll make a phone call to the absentee

He says that the internet's always been wrong
He says if you wanna get there you'll just hafta play along
To get to my place, listen to my face
Well even he had got his own directions wrong

I went right down to Egyptian Way
I thought it'd take the morning but It took all day
At last saw where, finally got there, guy said
"My directions wrong? Ha! No way!"
Track Name: Moist Goiter Boy
Moist goiter boy
An egregious worcestershire of flaccid sludge
Moist goiter boy
The flatulent effluvium of his mooshy ointment
Moist goiter boy
Ankyloglossia is your Gorgonzola
Moist goiter boy
Rural juice in fluorescent wells
Moist goiter boy
The nasal twang rings an oily squelch
Moist goiter boy
Mucilaginous louse of regurgitated sleaze
Moist goiter boy
Engorged swine flagellum of yesterday's past
Moist goiter boy
Track Name: Looked Like A Man
Guy: Oh Jolene, these past few hours have been the best of my life!

Gal: Baby.

I think I love you, but before I say I do
There's something I should probably say
It ain't at all bad; you'll be surprised just a tad
But there's no time for secrets today

You think that you know me, well boy you just began I am all
woman but I once looked like a man

When I was young I knew something must change
Was kept to myself for some may view it strange
But one day I realized just who I could be
Despite what they said I just had to be me

Guy: It's only surprising, for this I didn't plan

Gal: I am all woman, but I once looked like a man

In my true body I had such morale
Happy with myself; a brand new gal
When you're born what you're not, you should go for what's right
Just give it a shot and we'll dance through the night

Guy: Didn't the change cause any strife?
Gal: Hah! You should ask my ex-wife!

Guy: Wait! I did not expect this
It's difficult for my poor brain
But why would I reject this
A man offended must be insane
'Cause I still love you
And that won't change
And what is gender
But just a range

Gal: I'm so glad you see me for who I am
A woman who loves you, and that's not a sham
And we'll stick together through time and through age
Our story's just starting, so let's turn the page

I'm happy I know you; our life; it's just began
I am all woman, but I once looked like a man
Track Name: In Ride For A Line
I've been here for an hour
And I think I'll be here for an hour more
Oh I've been here for an hour and I think I'm going crazy
I have lost sight of what I am here for
This line is longer than Aunt Bertha's stories
And it has shaken me to the core

Oh this coaster won't be worth it
Why don't I just go?
No one's even getting on the ride and dammit
Where's the exit? Where's the entrance? I don't even know
Oh we're all victims here
Of the maintenance staff from down below

This is getting ridiculous
I think I'm just gonna...
Track Name: It's Alright With Me (Ooh Girl (You Ain't Got What I Need))
(Note: the narrator of this song is a fictional character and a jerkface)

The other day I met a girl
Who somehow didn't make me want to hurl
She had a face that wasn't bad
And talking to her didn't make me that sad

Ooh, girl
You ain't got what I need
We aren't guaranteed
But we can proceed
Eww, girl
What's that on your face
Doesn't matter, let's embrace
And we got past first base
So it's alright with me

I like the clothes that she wears
I guess her face wasn't mauled by bears
She's not the perfect girl for me
But her visage didn't make me flee


While she didn't really make me happy
Her chest size wasn't crappy
Track Name: Clip-On Tie
The first time I saw him at the show
I could not believe my eyes
It's the thing that I despise
(What a faux pas)

Pure fury rages through my brain
My revulsion uncontained
And oh look it has a stain
(It is coleslaw)

Oh, when he puts on that dumb thing
The puppies and kittens all cry
The world hasn't thought to tell him something
No gentlemanly guy ever wore a clip on tie

Not only do they look so vile
My whole life they did defile
We should put them all on trial
(You can't keep calm)

All of them guilty of course
They won't even show remorse
We must take them all by force
(They killed your mom)


The ties and all their demon kin
Will be mankind's downfall
To ensure such an age does not begin
Hunt them down, lock them up, let them burn, we must destroy them all

And the man must surely die who would wear a clip on tie
Track Name: Doggy Dog World
My neighbor called me a fruitcake
I guess that means I'm sweet
All these friendly people
I love to stop and greet
And everyone's so happy
To see my smiling face
When I strike up conversation
They give me lots of of breathing space

There are so many things in life that fill me with glee
It's a doggy dog world and it's sunshine and rainbows to me

I was walking through the city
Hearing all the birdies sing
I saw a girl was mighty pretty
I said um... You're really pretty... (YOUR FACE IS NICE)
This guy came from behind her
He said he'd clean my clock
I said "thanks, my timepiece is pretty clean
But we could make small talk"

There are so many things in life that make me happy
It's a doggy dog world and it's sunshine and rainbows to me

He then caressed my face
Which made a vibrant thud
I saw a nice maroon
Which I realized was my blood

It had a luscious hue
That I could use to paint
And as the color grew
I proceeded then to faint

There are so many things in life that fill me with glee
It's a doggy dog world and it's sunshine and rainbows to me

There are so many things in life that make me happy
It's a doggy dog world and it's sunshine and rainbows to me
Track Name: Hot Sauce Pt. 2
Well I went out to get some hot sauce
I thought I'd have some fun
I saw the pain and sufferin'
On the faces of everyone

Through the tears they all proclaimed
This hot sauce was a gift
So I said: "this place looks pretty cool. Or not, if you catch my drift"

I saw a vendor called "crazy dip"
I walked over to their space
Then I picked up a bottle, poured it over a chip
Said I'm ready to melt my face! Dig in!

Aaah, what should I try first? There's so many... So many different options of spicy foods I can eat!
Hey, look over there! There's a jalapeño thing! That doesn't seem too bad. I'll try it!
*snarf* Mmm, not too bad, not too bad. Let's go on.
Ooh, habañeros! Uunh! That's a bit spicy!
Ooh, what? What is this? It's... Death Liquid? That sounds delicious! OM NOM NOM NOM. Oh... Oh no.. I can't breathe! HELP ME WHERE'S THE MILK?!?!?

Uunh, oh gosh this is horrible! It still burns like the heat of a thousand and thirteen suns!
Uunh, there's some water. I think that will help me. Oonh.
*glug glug glug*
Oh gosh, why is it getting worse?

We are the collective of the milk and we protect you from the
Hot sauce and its burning and capsaicin, you are yearning for the
Milk, we see, and you must be the one who'll drink the stuff with glee
The death liquid is our mortal foe and you must know that you will
Be the battleground for such a conflict as your lips have never
Seen but do not worry we'll prevail and you will live to tell the tale

And the soothing taste of milk will save your mouth
Yes the soothing taste of milk will save your mouth

And now touching your tastebuds
Soon halting the burn
The battle will now ensue

Hot sauce!

Milk will save your mouth
Yes milk will save your mouth

It is too late
Though you taste great
Your harsh flame
Is causing pain

Feel our heated embrace
Stuff us into your face

Come here my child
You'll be fine
Milk is great

Have no fear
We are here
In the clear

See them run
It is done
We have won

This fight is passed, still
You will yet yearn, you will
We will return soon
For you

And now at last we go
You are unscathed, we know
You have been saved it is true
Thanks to
Track Name: A Mosquito Bit My Eye
A mosquito bit my eye
A mosquito bit my eye

A mosquito bit my eye
A mosquito bit my eye

It made me cry
When that mosquito bit my eye

Oh I think I'm gonna die
Yes I think I'm gonna die
Yes I think I'm gonna die cuz' that mosquito bit my eye

That mosquito bit my EYE