Bus Driver (Single)

by Interrobang

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Bus Driver is from our upcoming album, Game Poo, which should be out some time this summer. It's about 3/4 done at the moment, so we should have it finished in a few months.
Donut In A Taco Shell is exclusive to this release, and was written about 3 days before it was released. It has a certain rawness, which is nice.


released February 14, 2014

Both songs written and performed by Harrison Foreman and Aubrey Seaton
Flute on Bus Driver by Nicole Ulakovic
Cover photo by Mikaila Lapinski




Interrobang Lewisville, Texas

Interrobang is a comedic rock & roll duo based in north Texas. We make music in the hopes that people will laugh sometimes, flop their hair all over the place in a ridiculous manner other times, and enjoy themselves all times.

Interrobang consists of

Harrison Foreman - Vocals, keyboards, wiener whistle
Aubrey Seaton - Vocals, keyboards, drums
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Track Name: Bus Driver
He's tired of paper airplanes to his head
Sometimes he wishes those cherubs were dead
He'll never admit this but he's actually
A struggling guitarist who wishes that he was not a

Bus driver
In his corner spinning wheels
Never playing what he deals
He won't tell you how he feels about you
He knows he's stuck here for as long
As he sits and does no wrong
Knows no one will sing his song
What to do?
Bus driver

The dice on the dashboard hold small knives that he
Placed there for the future in '73
His plan is so tight he knows it can not fail
He's sure that the cops would not think to jail a poor old


He'll kill the kids with their damn noisy toys
He'll guide them to their fate
So when the folks come for their girls and boys
They'll realize too late
That they're gone

But he'd never do this as far as we know
his thoughts are just thoughts that he'll never show
It does seem suspicious, but we'll let it slide
'Cause he ain't malicious so let's go for a ride with this old

Track Name: Donut In A Taco Shell
I want something that tastes so sweet
But with an outside that's really neat
Crispy shell, and icing too
It sure ain't good for you

They think it's crazy
That's just as well
I will adore my
Donut in a taco shell

Yum-an-a yum yum yum yum a-yum yum

Yum a-yum yum a-yum a-yum-a-na

It could have meat, it could be fried
My best friend had one, and promptly died
I went to the funeral and saw his mother
Then I went home and had another

They think it's crazy
That's just as well
I will endure my
Donut in a taco shell

Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom