Radio Nostalgia

by Interrobang

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Don't you love classic rock radio stations? All the songs you've been hearing non-stop for decades, more commercials than songs, announcers with bad accents... We know we love 'em. Here's 17.5 minutes of the ultimate classic rock station, complete with all the delightfully stupid stuff that you would expect from one.

The download comes with a PDF booklet so you can stare at things while you listen to the music.

UPDATE: Turns out that Alex Day is an awful, abusive person, and entirely unlike anyone we would like to be associated with. We apologize for giving him a brief spotlight. We'll remove his cameo at some point, but for now just know that we do not endorse him.


released December 21, 2012

Harrison Foreman (writing, lead vocals, occasional keyboards, Rock Bone & many other characters, shirtlessness)
Aubrey Seaton (writing, lead vocals, backing vocals, most keyboards, drums, production, Big Heavy & many other characters,)
Lynn Seaton (bass on 2, 4, & 8, cameo, parenting)
Alex Day (cameo)
Dave Abbruzzese (cameo, great compliments)
Hayley Eoff (teen girl #1)
Amy Freeman (teen girl #2)




Interrobang Lewisville, Texas

Interrobang is a comedic rock & roll duo based in north Texas. We make music in the hopes that people will laugh sometimes, flop their hair all over the place in a ridiculous manner other times, and enjoy themselves all times.

Interrobang consists of

Harrison Foreman - Vocals, keyboards, wiener whistle
Aubrey Seaton - Vocals, keyboards, drums
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Track Name: Phoned In
Our first album's done, so we are too
Goodbye melody, to catchiness, audeiu
We don't have to try, we'll stay just the same
We know they will buy, that's not just a claim
'Cuz we're phoned in

People say we never change who are we to prove them wrong?
We don't care, we will go on just singing the same old song
We don't do what we are told, we're told only by ourselves
We think if we're uniform our crud'll fly off the shelves
'Cuz we're phoned in

Awakening now and man, what a dream
We sacrificed fun for some get rich scheme
We're not in this thing just to play the game
We are quite content with our lack of fame
Track Name: Token Protest Song
This is the token protest song
Grab a picket sign and sing along

We're sure that something is bad
There ain't no reason to not be mad
Sign this form
Form a line
Line the street
And don't forget to whine

The rest are screaming a chant
You want to know the words but you can't understand, and then they start anew with something else to say

Vuddity vut?
Hoo ha!
Viddity vuddit?

There's people here from the news
Exciting stuff like this sure gets views
People shout, people pose, run about right under camera's nose

And the only one who wanted to be on TV stood back while his friends made the cut so he said "friends, you've ruined my chance for fame. You're not fit to be friends with this name."

This is the token protest song
Grab a picket sign and sing along

Been on this street for a day
The whole march is in disarray
No one knows who to hate
This whole mob can't seem to actuate
Track Name: Some Love Song
I only know four chords, so I'll play them all for you
I love you more than guns and the red, white and blue
Your heart is so fine, I want it to be mine
I've used so much love, love could sue

My love for you burns like the sun
Because in my heart you're the one
And if you were to go away
I could not live another day

All I can do is rewrite this old song
My heart says it's right, but my ears say it's wrong
I just play this verse, perhaps it's a curse
At least it's not too long

In my eyes you're destiny
'cuz I know you're the one for me
And if by chance you disagree
Baby won't you hear my plea

I can't keep money in my pocket, but all I ever need is your face in my locket but please don't let me mislead
I want to have you close by, like angels in the sky
I care for noone greater than you

Oh I sure do never tire
Of finding words that rhyme with fire
The warm flames and dancing heat
Remind me that you're pretty neat
Track Name: It's Hard To Be Interesting
In this climate I must admit
Our old style just doesn't fit
We'll just use the same technique
The numbers say we don't have to be unique

It's hard to be interesting
It's hard to be interesting
It's hard to be interesting
So we won't try

We used to try, but now we know
Songs like this sound great in the show
We've lost our sense of right and wrong
We will go on just singing the same old song


Sex and drugs, rock is awesome
Female parts, I party all night
Rock and roll will live forever
In my cliches I'm feelin' alright