Egyptian Way (Single)

by Interrobang

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Based on a true story.


released April 2, 2013




Interrobang Lewisville, Texas

Interrobang is a comedic rock & roll duo based in north Texas. We make music in the hopes that people will laugh sometimes, flop their hair all over the place in a ridiculous manner other times, and enjoy themselves all times.

Interrobang consists of

Harrison Foreman - Vocals, keyboards, wiener whistle
Aubrey Seaton - Vocals, keyboards, drums
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Track Name: Egyptian Way
Well I've gone right down to Egyptian Way
The map ain't right so I'm here to stay
I just wanna find some peace of mind
My package is somewhere sittin' away

Well the exit's here, so my phone tells me
I'm lookin' real hard but my eyes don't see
Well I can't have missed what don't exist so I guess I'll make a phone call to the absentee

He says that the internet's always been wrong
He says if you wanna get there you'll just hafta play along
To get to my place, listen to my face
Well even he had got his own directions wrong

I went right down to Egyptian Way
I thought it'd take the morning but It took all day
At last saw where, finally got there, guy said
"My directions wrong? Ha! No way!"